Sarah's realtime calendar icon generator!...

1: (NEW!) Adjustment for GMT change!
2: The day is readable on icons down to 16 pixels wide.
3: Shine effect on the date text near the page curl.
4: Real shadows below the ring-binder clasps. (Notice the shadow of the left clasp falls over the month text)
5: Any sized icon.
6: Transparent background - no white box around icon! (Demonstrated by textured background)
7: Optional shadow around icon. (Appears on "MAY 25", and icons to the right)
8: Images are cached for fast loading.

How to use

Todays date (GMT), standard size: <img src=>

You can specify an over-ride for the X size, shadow, the day, or the month, or all 4:
<img src=>

(NEW) You can specify a positive or negative change to GMT for international dates:
<img src=>

More examples: