From the author's page :
"HideJournal is a livejournal client written in Java that goes through all your livejournal posts and turns the public ones into friends-only ones. It ignores all custom friends, friends and private posts - the only thing it does is to change public entries to non-custom friends posts."

HideJournal IS NOT my own work (Sarah Cartwright), but rather the author is James Harlow - who's webpage for the original Java HideJournal is linked to in the title bar of this page. What I provide on this page is a program version of James' HideJournal. What this means is that :

This version of HideJournal does not need Java installed in order for it to work.
Please consider linking to this page on your journal!

All you do is download ONE program file, DOUBLE CLICK it, and then enter your diaries information... a few minutes later you will have a fully private journal! It's THAT simple!

Click the image to download the Windows HideJournal program (134k).
Please read ALL of the precautions on the author's pages before running the program.

UPDATE! : Windows Hidejournal now supports LiveJournal TAGS!

Please consider a donation to the author using the Donate button located on HideJournal's main display...
Software like this takes a lot of time and dedication to write, bug fix and maintain.

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I take no responsibility of any loss, or damage incurred through use of this software (However small that chance may be).

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