Welcome to Fastererfox!
Compatible with Firefox Version 3!

Please click the image below to download the plugin.

This plugin gives you 3 new features, contained in a new Tab called "Thrash" which you can find in the options settings.

1 : The first is the ability to force pages to be prefetched, ignoring webmasters attempts to stop Fastererfox.
2 : A choice of dynamically created pages to cache (ASP, ASP .NET, JSP, STM). Quite often many dynamicly written pages are fairly static and can be cached.
3 : The maximum number of links to preload on current page. This is set to a maximum of 100, but now you can set it higher.

Also the status bar has been improved! It now gives you more information than just the time the page took to load. It also shows :

1 : A count of the links leading off the current page.
2 : A count of how many of those are suitable to be cached by Fastererfox.
3 : A count of how many of the suitable ones, which haven't been denied by webmasters*.

* Item 3 above will usually be less than item 2's value. This is because a lot of webmasters have blocked Fastererfox from using too much bandwidth. If you use the checkbox "Force preloading, even against webmasters wishes." you can expect to see item 3's value the same as item 2's nearly all the time!

The status bar information takes the form :
Time ( Links on page : Links available to cache : Links requested for cache )

And will often look like this :
1.123s (48:32:12)

You make like to read the following article, and download the patch it recommends.
The patch fixes a restriction Microsoft put in Windows XP SP2 to prevent the spread of worms... they limited your connection to the internet by a factor of 6000! Without getting too technical - they limited the number of requests for information you could send onto the internet... so individual requests get served fast, multiple ones do not. Peer to peer programs (uTorrent, BitTorrent, Ares, LimeWire and others) send out multiple requests, and so does Fastererfox - so it's VERY worth fixing the Microsoft limit, otherwise you won't get the benefits of Peer to Peer, OR Fastererfox...
You might even have noticed you can't surf very fast when using Peer-to-Peer software, even though you're only downloading something like 50 Kilbytes a second, when you're on a 1 Megabyte line. If you have - you're experiencing the limit Microsoft have inflicted on you, and this patch should fix that....

Read about it here :
and download the patch : http://lvllord.de/?lang=en&url=downloads