Online Photo Frame Maker!

1: Click on a cutout (left) and frame (right) to add different effects to your picture.
2: Clicking on the same frame twice will remove it.
3: Some frames and cutouts complement each other.

Enter the width here, as well as the Internet address of the picture you want to frame. Changes to size/image and frames is in realtime.

Width: (Including frame) Press enter, or click a frame to apply.
Location: Press enter, or click a frame to apply.

Alternatively, enter your image to upload, and press "Upload" to apply the current frames and size. The image will appear on a new page

Select the file to upload:

The image below is placed on a blue textured background, 10 pixels on a side bigger than the picture, so you can see how your image looks against a background.
(Click and drag across the image to see where the added border starts.)
Right click, and "Save as..." and save as a PNG transparent image.